New Year, Better Me

Ah 2016, New Year, New Me, Am I Right?

Every year we all make new year’s resolutions that ultimately never get resolved. We purchase gym memberships and have sudden health kicks that stop kicking after two weeks and 10 chicken wings later. Trust me, I was supposed to lose those ten pounds, three years ago.

This year I don’t want to be a new me. I want to be a better me.

I want to improve the quality of my life and be able to appreciate everyone and everything I have. These are some of the small things I’ve come up with that will promote positivity and happiness in the upcoming new year.

Win Every Day

Having a win every day allows us to prioritize and use time efficiently. A win can be literally anything from doing your laundry to doing your readings. It can be that small goal(s) that you get to check off at the end of the day. Even though laundry as a goal seems silly, it’s the small things that pile up and make us feel disorganized.

Keep Your Day Active

Personally this year I’m going to think about getting active as a healthy lifestyle change, not something I HAVE to do to look a certain way. Every year for me has been the, “get skinny already” goal, but this year, healthy is going to be the new skinny. Your busy day can be active by doing simple things like walking home or taking the stairs. Making these small active choices throughout your day will add up!

If you get bored of the gym easily, like yours truly, mixing in “disguised fitness” activities like hot yoga and kickboxing keep you entertained throughout the week. I mean, who doesn’t love beating people up as a recreational sport whilst improving your cardiovascular health.


Laugh More

I think I get my ab workout of the year from laughing. I am the QUEEN of laughing at my own jokes. I just laughed right now actually. Laughing brightens your mood and attracts positive energy.

Sometimes life can get very stressful and I found that the best way to cope with stressful times is to laugh because five years down the road you’re going to forget why you were even stressed in the first place. If you find yourself worrying and stressing, talk to your funny friend and enjoy the laughter therapy. It will clear your mind and allow you to focus on your task. Take your responsibilities seriously but give yourself a break too.


Ideally I’d love to explore new places and travel the world but one problem… broke student.

I’ve learned that making friends with people of various ethnicities allows you to explore a piece of the world, it opens you up to a whole different range of culture and perspective.

Exploring your own city can be rewarding too! Take a break from school/work and use that 30 minutes you spend scrolling through social media to venture down the streets and take in the atmosphere. I love taking slow walks because (a) I have little legs and (b) I love looking at the places around me. I sometimes purposely get lost just to wander to new areas in the city.

If you’re one of those people that get surprised after seeing a new building just pop up out of no where, just slow down once in a while and take everything in, it will be rewarding for you to be more aware of your surroundings.

Read… Something

It shocks me sometimes when people say they don’t read. You don’t have to read a 900 page novel. If you can read people’s tweets you can definitely read the news. Inform yourself on something new each day. Keep your mind engaged.


I was always one of those people that were skeptical about meditating and would laugh at the thought of me cross-legged on the ground chanting “ommmm”.

With our busy lives we are constantly engaged in everything but ourselves. I’ve learned the importance of internal healing and self-realization through mediation. Lying on your back and just focusing on breathing is the simplest way to meditate. It’s surprisingly hard to just focus on the air escaping your lips and the rise and fall of your chest. Shutting your mind off for at least 10 mins a day provides many mental health benefits.


Surround Yourself With Family And Friends

Family keeps you grounded and friends help you grow. Be thankful for your relationships and all the people in your life, take advantage of their positive effect on you and immerse yourself in the love you are surrounded in.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2016!


This blog post was originally published on by Mitherayee Augustine — article link.