Prakash Raj saddened by piracy of films

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Published:February 16, 2017 9:30 pm

Popular actor Prakash Raj

After film Lightman took a massive blow falling prey to piracy by the infamous hacking group TamilRockers, veteran actor Prakash Raj expressed his grief for the loss incurred by the film’s team.

Prakash Raj, known for the villainous roles that he has played in the past took to Twitter to write about piracy. He asked, “Will the hackers and those who see and encourage such unfair sites answer this cry of pain …🙏🙏. Very sad.”

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His reaction came after an upcoming actor Karthik Nagarajan posted online that his debut film as an actor — Lightman — was leaked online by the hacking group just a day before its release on February 9. “Our film #Lightman was scheduled to release on 10th Feb 2017 and the film was uploaded by #Tamilrockers even before its release on 9th Feb 2017. We, as a team have invested our time, effort and money in making this movie with the only motive to showcase our talent. But this act of some socially irresponsible people have buried our dreams now,” the actor had posted.

Karthik who is said to have been looking for a break since a decade said this leak affected his career by throwing away the film out of media attention. “What do they gain by doing this? Due to this many reviewers didn’t review our movie. Many newspapers did not publish any article about our movie. Press people have watched the movie at a press show and said they will support us. Now, as the movie is already available in all sites that host pirated copy of the film, they don’t see the purpose in talking about it. The amount of effort invested in this movie was high and we are left deserted now. A group of unknown people causing trouble to the filmmakers are hurting us badly. Our career is dependent on how the film is celebrated by the audience and press. I feel pained now as my first movie as lead actor is affected by piracy, and that too even before its release. I’m trying to find a place in the film industry since 2005 and it’s more than a decade’s effort and wait that has been trashed now. I hope the future is bright and people stop supporting piracy. It truly affects one’s career,” he added in his post.

This is not the first film that became the target of the hackers. Suriya’s Singam 3 and Arvind Swami’s Bogan also felt a dip in their revenues due to the leak of the films. Reports say that Bogan was watched 2.5 lakh times when it was live streamed on Facebook on day one itself. Even, Bollywood films like Dangal and Kaabil were also put up on Facebook.

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