Rajini will sure enter politics: Best friend

At a time when a big guessing game is on as to whether Rajinikanth would enter politics or not, his best friend Raja Bahadur has said the Superstar would soon take political plunge.

In an interview, Bahadur has said that when Rajiniknath was in Bengaluru last time he discussed about politics close to 12 hours.

“There is a turmoil in Tamil Nadu politics after the demise of Jayalalithaa. He will take right time decision at the right time in the interests of Tamil Nadu people,” he said.

Bahadur, who is Rajini’s friend from his Bengaluru days, also said that the Superstar won’t disappoint 7 crore Tamilians.

“I have never seen him so tense. He expressed serious concern for the people of Tamil Nadu after the death of late CM Jayalalithaa. There is immense pressure on him from people and his fans to enter politics. Many, including me, want him to start his own party,” he said.