Transformative Employment For Individuals With Autism

The South Asian Autism Awareness Centre’s Vocational and Employment Skills Program encourages the development of a range of skills that help individuals with varying abilities find employment.

The program is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, and is completely free for participants. Eligibility for the program includes being above the age of 18 and having a confirmed diagnosis of autism or related developmental disorder.

Program Overview:

8 weeks of in-centre training led by experts in a particular industry (culinary skills and food preparation; design & decor; office administration). The in-centre training is fun, educational, and above all, geared towards developing specific skills that employers are looking for.

8 weeks paid job placements. The program will help secure placements in the community and also pay wages for the first eight weeks. This subsidy is to encourage employers to work with individuals with varying abilities and see how much these workers can improve an organization’s culture.

Industries of Focus:

Office Administration
10 weeks – Up to 12 hours/week
Students are introduced to basic office administration duties. Lessons include filing, data entry, and bookkeeping.

Culinary Skills & Food Preparation
10 weeks – Up to 12 hours/week
Students learn basic concepts, skills, and techniques of food preparation, safety and hygiene.

Design & Decor
10 weeks – Up to 12 hours/week
Students are taught various aspects of event decor. Lessons include table setup, centre piece assembly, and inventory and packaging.

Want to find out more? Join SAAAC for their Employer Awareness Seminar this Wednesday!