“I am a Rajini fan, but…” : RJ Balaji

RJ Balaji has said he is not excited about the political career of Superstar Rajinikanth.

In an interview to a Tamil TV channel, he said, “As a kid, I always wanted Superstar to enter politics and even believed that he is the right person to save Tamil Nadu.”

He further said that he had waited for Rajinikanth’s political entry for twenty years but the Superstar’s recent speech on his possible political entry doesn’t excite him any longer.

“I used to wake up in the wee hours to watch Brian Lara’s matches, I’m a huge fan of him. But now, he recently played a cricket match in the US but I skipped watching it because his time is over. Similarly now, I don’t have hope that Rajinikanth would bring any change, I want him to be happy and would love to see his performance in film,” he said.

This interview of him has created ripples in film circles and among Rajini fans.