Casted Away: Ending Discrimination

When the civil war took place in Sri Lanka, a large number of Tamils fled their homeland in search of a better life.  A life without violence and discrimination. One would assume after facing discrimination and unfair treatment, the Tamil community would put the outdated caste system behind them.  However, behind closed doors this system is still very prevalent in our community.

Marriage should be the union of two people who care deeply for each other. However, in the Tamil community, the caste system skews what should be a simple and beautiful thing. Older generations care more about caste and less about whether a person is kind and genuine. This ideology however, doesn’t stop at the older generations. It still continues to be a major factor when younger generations decide to take the next step in their relationships.

This system serves to divide us rather than unite us. This system takes away individuals’ achievements by beating them down into a one-dimensional category.  This system stands in the way of our community’s growth, and set us back to where we started.

The Basement Reels team continues to challenge the traditions of our community by bringing you short films like “Sex Before Marriage” or “Can’t Tell Anyone.” Today, we bring you “Casted Away.” A story far too many of us can relate to. A story of how the caste system stands in the way of a positive future.


Story: Tharshan Raj
Direction, Cinematography, Editing: Krusan
Cast: Vinuja X, Tharshan Raj, Krusan
Key Grip/ Audio: Dushan N.