Thondan – Review by Naveen

Message Messiah

– Review

While he does what the director expects out of him as actor, he has conveyed messages to the soceity as director. So what will Samuthirakani do if he is the director of a film in which he plays the lead role as well?

The answer is ‘Thondan’, a film which conveys loads of messages to the society, but well within commercial format. Though preachy, the film is interesting from the beginning.

Maha Vishnu (Samuthirakani) is an ambulance driver, who takes pride in his job. He has a unique distinction of saving lives. One day, he rescues a man who was brutally attacked by a gang.

This act of him earns him the wrath of local bigshot Manthiri Narayanan (Namo Narayanan), who is the son of a minister. Now the latter wants to teach a ‘lesson’ to the former.

In the meantime, Maha Vishnu has a beautiful family (his father is Vela Ramamoorthy) and a love affair (with Sunaina as Balambigai). Also, his younger sister is being stalked by his friend Vignesh (Vikranth).

In ‘Thondan’, Samuthirakani shines more as actor than director. He has brought out emotions well. Sunanya is back after a break and she is apt. Vela Ramamoorthy, Suri and Thambi Ramaiah and other actors have delivered goods.

Richard M Nathan’s lens speaks a beautiful visual language. Justin Prabhakaran’s music and A L Ramesh’s editing have aided director Samuthirakani well.

The film goes overboard in terms of preachy tone and this is one big minus point. But there are many other plus points in ‘Thondan’, which does its bit of service to the society.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen