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Director Suresh Sangaiah and Viddharth talk about ‘Oru Kidaiyin Karunai Manu’

In a brief chat to Only Kollywood, director Suresh Sangaiah and Viddharth talk about their upcoming release Oru Kidaiyin Karunai Manu which has toured various film festivals across the world including the New York Indian Film Festival.

I have always been interested in observing the audience’s expectation and reaction when I watch a movie, but for OKKM  I got to look at the film in New York premier only. So I couldn’t choose between enjoying the film and watching the audience’s reaction,” says Viddharth.

The New York audience really liked the movie. Post-screening we had a one-hour interaction, where the audience analyzed the film in detail and asked us very particular questions about the character names like Yezharai, Arumpaadu. Though the comedies were in Rajapalayam dialect, it was easy for the audience to connect with it,” he adds.

Inspiration for the story

Director Suresh Sangaiah says various real-life events that he witnessed in his life inspired him to make the movie. “After globalization, we have given up our traditions and rituals followed in villages. The urbanization of audiences made even filmmakers forget the theme. I wanted to go back to roots and make a film that takes people down the memory lane in their villages.”

During festivals, animal sacrifice is an important ritual. It can pull people to attend the event. Two decades back, eating meat is a luxury only very few can afford to have. So, when people come to know they are going to slaughter a goat for a festival, the entire village will gather there to eat the meat,” he adds.

Suresh Sangaiah lauds Viddharth for playing the role with ease. “He is a natural actor. We had an enormous supporting, cast and it was a colossal task to supervise them. That was the only challenge we faced during the shooting.”

The movie is produced by Eros International and marks the lead heroine debut of popular dubbing artist Raveena who has given her voice for top actresses like Amy Jackson and Tamannah in her dubbing career.

It was director Manikandan of Kaaka Muttai fame who introduced Suresh Sangaiah to Eros International, who came forward to fund the project. “Manikandan was supposed to bankroll the project initially. But, it didn’t go through due to some issues.”


My film is not about whether it is right or wrong to kill a goat. I just wanted to register the life of villagers. Initially, I thought of narrating the story from the goat’s perspective. Later, I made goat as the central element and penned a script around it,” the director reveals.

Oru Kidaiyin Karunai Manu has already received rave reviews from the press show. The movie is all set to hit screens tomorrow (June 2nd).