The schedule for Czech Film Festival


The schedule for Czech Film Festival is given below for your kind perusal:

31 May 2017 –

7.30 pm – Inauguration of Czech Film Festival

7.45 pm – Dark Blue World / Tmavomodrý svět /2001/115 Min/ Dir: Jan Svěrák

1 June 2017  –

6.00 pm – Taming Crocodiles / Jak se krotí krokodýli / 2006/112 min/ Dir:Marie Poledňáková 

7.50 pm – Autumn Spring/Babí léto/2001/95 min/ Dir: Vladimír Michálek

Venue – Tagore Film Centre, Music College Campus, Chennai – 28

The festival was inaugurated by His Excellency Mr. Radek Vondracek, Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic & H.E. Mr. Milan Hovorka, Hob’ble Ambassador of the Czech Republic to India, in the August presence of a Diplomatic delegation from Czech Republic. Ms. Heera, Cine Artiste, lighted the lamp.


Dark Blue World Tmavomodrý svět /2001/115 Minutes/Directed by: Jan Svěrák

In 1939, after the German invasion, young pilots Franta and his friend Karel Vojtíšek, among others, refuse to submit to their occupiers and flee to the United Kingdom to join the RAF. Franta becomes the unit commander, with the younger Karel under his charge.When Karel’s plane is shot down not far from the base, he finds himself made welcome by an English woman, Susan. Young Karel is in love, but Susan appears more interested in his best friend Franta… One of the greatest strengths of Dark Blue World is that it shows the tragedy of people helping to win a war, only to be forgotten by the victors.

Awards: 8 wins & 7 nominations

Taming Crocodiles / Jak se krotí krokodýli / 2006/112 min/Dir:Marie Poledňáková

Lubos, who works in the Alps as a rescue worker, returns home to Prague much earlier than originally promised. His eight-year-old daughter Amálka is thrilled, so she refuses to go to school. Lubos has to go with her class to the Tatra mountains to please his daughter Amálka. Anna, is waiting for them at Grandad Pepík’s cottage …But a string of misunderstandings will prevent it.

Awards: 1 nomination

Autumn Spring/Babí léto/2001/95 minutes/ Director: Vladimír Michálek

Terminal prankster Frantisek Hána ,a youthful 75 year old man, refuses to grow up and take certain responsibilities, despite his wife Emilie’s constant badgering to do so. Even faced with his own looming death and an ungrateful son who wants to whisk his parents off to the old folks’ home, Frantisek’s wit won’t quit as he vies to live until he dies.

Awards: 9 wins & 5 nominations