Peenchankai Review by Naveen

Hand in glove

– Review

A lot of buzz was created around ‘Peenchankai’, and the makers promoted it as ‘India’s first alien hand syndrome film’. Now that the film has hit the screens, how is the end product?

Bouquets to director Ashok and protagonist Karthik, who have elevated the movie to heights. The former with his writing and execution and the latter with his performance.

Smuthu (Karthiik) is a carefree pickpocket expert and life goes good for him, until he meets with an accident. After the mishap, he loses control over his left hand.

He is diagnosed with a rare disease called alien hand syndrome, which means that his left hand would not be under his control.

This syndrome creates a lot of problems in his life and is he able to come out of them? This is what ‘Peechankai’ is all about.

This doesn’t appear like a first film for both Ashok and Karthik. Both are so confident in their respective trades. Anjali Rao, Gaja, Maari, Gireesh, Nalla Thambi are adequate.

Though the budget is limited, the team members have given their best. ‘Peechankai’ could have been even more better, had the director focussed more on packaging.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen