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The Sayyeshaa Interview: “Vanamagan is the perfect launchpad for me in Tamil”

Actress Sayyeshaa, who has already made heads turn in K’town with her dancing skills in the promo videos of Vanamagan, says it’s the perfect launchpad for her in Tamil.

I think Vanamagan is the perfect launchpad for me in Tamil. Director Vijay has given me scope to act, dance and enact a lot of emotions. I couldn’t have asked for a better debut. I’m blessed to have this opportunity. Vijay has given me an excellent presentation in the film,” says Sayyeshaa in an exclusive chat to Only Kollywood. 

Showering praise on director Vijay, she says, “He is a wonderful human being. I treat him like my family. He was so caring and protective. He treated me like his own family on sets. Even as a director, although he was very particular about what he wants, he always gave me an opportunity to do what I want.  He knew that dancing is my forte and he made sure he introduced me properly with a song (Damn Damn) for me in the film. He knows how to launch a newcomer. He has been very kind to me.”

On working with her co-star Jayam Ravi, Sayyeshaa says, “Ravi is such a humble man. Although he has seen a lot of stardom, he is very humble and a hard-working guy. We had no reference for the character he plays in the film.2 He had to work on his physique for the role, which is very different. Though he has no dialogues in the movie, he will be very expressive. I think it’s even tougher to enact a role without any dialogues and just with your facial expressions. And, he pulled it off well.”

National award-winning actor Thambi Ramaiah plays a major role in the movie. Sayyeshaa says Ramaiah used to come up with ten different variations of how to say a dialogue for a particular scene.

“He is so funny and very talented, and a versatile performer. I have learned a lot from him. In fact, he treated me like his daughter. Even between shots, he used to sit with me and share all his working experiences. Despite being a renowned artist, he made me feel comfortable on set. We shared a beautiful bond, and I’m happy that I got an opportunity to work with him.”

About her role

“I play an ultra-modern girl. It’s a complete opposite to Ravi’s role, and that’s what makes the film interesting. The story shows the growth of a human being, which rea3lly attracted me. I liked how Vijay dealt with materialistic values and human emotions in the screenplay. Whether it is anger or love or happiness, I got an opportunity to express a lot with my role. There’s also a lot of variety in my character.”

“Vijay is a very conservative man. He has a lot of respect for women, which is why his characters come out on screen with dignity. There are a lot of directors who present girls in just song-and-dance sequences. But, Vijay really appreciates a girl’s character in his films, and I think it’s rare to find.”

“Vanamagan would have been incomplete without Thiru sir”

“Thiru’s visuals are the highlight of the film. He has come up with spectacular shots and has magically captured every single frame. Although he comes across as a quiet man who is always into his work, he has a great sense of humor, and I shared a lovely relationship with him on set. Even the way he has shot me, I don’t think I would have ever looked even half of what I’m looking if it wasn’t for Thiru sir.”

On working with Prabhu Deva4

“I never knew that Prabhu Deva master would choreograph my introduction song. Of late, he has not choreographed any songs. He had apparently watched one of my dance videos and liked it. He had told Vijay that he wouldn’t mind choreographing my song. It’s a dream come true to work with him. There’s a particular movement in the song which he has not given to anyone in the last two decades of his career because it was very challenging. He had performed that move for one of his songs in the ’90s. When he gave me that step, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. But, I did practice and pulled it off in a single take. Prabhu Deva, who usually doesn’t praise a lot, complimented me and I was on cloud nine. It’s a memorable moment for me.”

Dancing has always been my first love. I can never imagine not dancing in my life. I started training since I was nine years old and have done about some eight to nine forms of dancing. But I mainly used to do a lot of Latin American styles like ‘Samba,’ ‘Rhumba,’ and ‘Cha-Cha.’ So basically, I have a great passion for dancing, and I always love to shake a leg.”

Sayyeshaa is currently gearing up for the shooting of Karuppu Raja Vella Raja, which will be helmed by Prabhu Deva.
Sayyeshaa joins Vishal and Karthi in Karuppu Raja Vella Raja
“Both Karthi and Vishal are very good actors. I was really embarrassed after a point when they showered praise on my dancing skills. I’m really happy to be paired with both of them, and I get to share the screen with both in the film under Prabhu sir’s direction. I’m eagerly looking forward to starting shooting.”