Move aside, Kamal tells TN govt

In his fresh attack against the AIADMK (Amma) government, Kamal Haasan has asked it to step down, over its alleged failure to control dengue.

“A high school drop out may not perceive Neet problem.But Dengu i know My child almost died of it. Work on it TN Govt. If unable move aside,” he posted on Twitter.

His post on Thursday night came a day after he urged his fans and people to e-mail complaints about corruption to the ministers concerned.

Meanwhile, his fans have started e-mailing complaints to the government. And on Thursday, three ministers- D Jayakumar, Sellur Raju and O S Manian- slammed the actor-filmmaker. Jayakumar said that Kamal has joined hands with M K Stalin and O Panneerselvam.