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The Regina Cassandra Interview: “Selvaraghavan is one of the most patient directors”

In an exclusive conversation to Only Kollywood, Regina Cassandra talks about her choice of films, the much-awaited Nenjam Marappathillai, working with Selvaraghavan and the team behind her boldly beautiful sartorial choices.

“For a long time in Tamil, I have always given a lot of thought for the character and script, that’s why I was doing only a few films. I received this question from many, about why am I doing only one film in a year in Kollywood. That’s when I took a conscious decision to try what else I can do; then I decided to explore the opportunities and different types of films,” Regina told Only Kollywood.

“Not that I chose not to do commercial films in Tamil, it’s because I was concentrating a lot on Telugu since I was getting a lot of offers from Telugu industry. From the few commercial offers I got in Tamil, I picked and waited to see how it goes,” she said.

“Selvaraghavan knows exactly what he wants.”

“Selvaraghavan is a perfectionist. He knows exactly what he wants. When you work with him and if you give him exactly what he wants that’s a good actor-director relationship, and that’s what we had. He is one of the most patient directors,” said Regina.

“I think, how to ‘act’ is the easiest component for an actor, there are lots of other things artists go through that are more challenging than acting. And I think I have become better at those aspects.”

Shooting experience for Nenjam Marappathillai

“It’s really not that different. Whenever I go for a shoot, I go as a blank slate. A lot of people actually told me that it’s going to be really difficult working with Selvaraghavan. But I never kept that in my mind, and I am glad that I didn’t. Because everyone feels Selva sir has changed now. I have never met him or worked with before. I only know him now, and as a film maker, he is a sound technician,” said Regina.

“One thing why people call him demanding is, he is a task master, when he is shooting he doesn’t allow you to blink while delivering the dialogue. In fact, after working with him, I have understood my facial expressions way more than I did before.”

Regina says she is a very expressive person and the character she plays in Nenjam Marappathillai is someone who has no expressions whatsoever. “To get me not to twitch my lips was quite a task. Every word and sentence of mine will have an expression, that’s how expressive I am, as a person itself. One day we were shooting and he said, “Your mouth twitched” and I was like, “I don’t think it did”, then he asked me to see the rushes. I have never seen the rushes before. If at all I feel in my head that a shot didn’t come well I will myself ask for a one more.”

Elegant sartorial style at film-related events

Regina is known for her elegant sartorial style at film-related events, sporting some bold costumes with complete ease and she gives the entire credits to her team.

“When it comes to polishing myself up and getting an A-game to an event, it takes a lot. And that’s where my task lies, to always put my best foot forward. And that’s where my team comes into play; I can’t go to an event without my team. I need my hair stylist, makeup assistants, costume stylist, and everyone with me. I would not want to go to any event without them. If I look good in an event, it’s the team’s effort, and I can’t take the 100 percent credit for that,” said Regina.

“I love commercial films; I love dancing”

I definitely love films like Maanagaram, Rajathandhiram because in a movie like Maanagaram though my screen time is less when I hear people talk about the film, the way they talk about it, it gives a great pleasure that I’m a part of the movie. At the same time, I love commercial films; I love dancing. Dancing is my favorite. When I got the chance to dance in Gemini Ganesanum Surli Raajanum, I was the happiest.