When in Havana


When was the last time you truly remember disconnecting from everything? The second part of my Cuban adventure, transported me to the beautiful and ever popular port city of Havana, where I attempted to do exactly that – disconnect!… in style of-course. My everyday La Habana gear consisted of mom-style jean shorts, a variety of crop tops to mix and match, white sneakers and that classic fedora to cop that Cuban flair.



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Wi-fi was not exactly easily available everywhere.  This is a blessing in disguise if you’re looking to escape our overly connected world. Havana is the true definition of a city preserved in a time capsule. Walking the cobblestone streets, discovering hole-in-the-wall cafe’s and restaurant gems was such a treat for the foodie in me. Here’s where packing smart gets important when you want to eat and drink to your hearts content and still look fabulous while feeling comfortable. So, take my lead and tap into the power of pairing the right pieces together for multiple outfit combos, as we all know packing light is no easy task. Allow for a healthy dose of loose tees and colorful shirts that you can knot up for the perfect fit and high waisted bottoms to cover up that after-lunch ‘baby’ bump.



Hands down one of my favourite ways to discover Havana was by biking through the incredible Cuban corridors and labyrinth street passages, with it’s vivid art forms boasting creative handcrafts and paintings, stunning architecture, statues and fountains, to the common assembly of heritage buildings with their visually striking colour contrasts. All of it just gave me a dizzying array of wardrobe pairing options such as vibrant floral prints with classic denim. It complemented the colourful Cuban corridors! Or you can choose to opt for a neutral clothing colour palette so you always stand out amongst the vibrancy of Habana. It was liberating to loose layers and show some skin. Not to mention sporting a perma-tan can make you feel like one of the locals. Let’s just say that I felt like I fit right in. Make sure to snag some authentic coconut water, Cuban coffee and local delicatessens like Cuban flan that I often stopped for. Don’t worry, you’ll burn it all off with the heat and humidity.

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