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My role in ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’ will linger in the audience’s mind: Mehreen Pirzada

In an interview with Only Kollywood, Actress Mehreen Pirzada says she is quite confident that audiences will love her role in her forthcoming release ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’ directed by filmmaker Suseenthiran. 

Mehreen, 22, has enjoyed back to back box-office hits in Telugu with films such as ‘Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha,’ ‘Mahanubhavudu,’ and ‘Raja The Great.’ 

“Two things interested me in ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal‘, one is director Suseenthiran sir and the other is my role, Janani. Though my screen presence is insufficient in time, I am pretty sure that Janani is going to linger in the audience’s mind after they leave the cinema halls,” Mehreen told Only Kollywood.

Mehreen said she believes that it’s the destiny that brought her into the film world from her modelling career.

“When I was in Canada, my mother sent me to a beauty pageant. I was a tomboy till then, and I don’t know how I won this Miss Personality.  Even Suseenthiran sir calls me ‘Action Queen.’ But this pageant was no reason I got into acting. It’s all the destiny,” said Mehreen.

Mehreen said director Suseenthiran made the shooting process comfortable for her since he was filming the project as a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu.

“What I like Suseenthiran sir is that he has a lot of clarity, and he will show you what he wants out of you. Any role that you see on-screen in Susee sir’s film will imbibe his qualities and personality traits. And every character in his film will be significant in its way,” she said.

Although Mehreen is comfortable communicating in Telugu now, she’s still at the beginning stage in learning the Tamil language.

“I somehow managed with Tamil thanks to Suseenthiran sir. I hardly shot for ten days for ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal‘ so I didn’t have the time to learn the language. But I want to learn Tamil and look forward to signing at least one more Tamil film before ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal‘ hit the screens,” she said.

Mehreen says she always believes in the script instead of names. “I don’t believe in a film’s budget but the writing. Even a movie with a humongous budget might fail if the script goes wrong. But if the writing is solid, irrespective of how big the film is, things will fall into place.”

Mehreen says she respects criticism on the internet but doesn’t bother much about the trolls.

“I take the trolls easy. Though my films have done well in box office, I have been recently facing some criticism about my acting skills, which I respect. If there’s something to improve, I’m definitely going to try. I take constructive suggestions on Twitter in a very positive sense,” said Mehreen.

Nenjil Thunivirudhal,’ which stars actors Sundeep Kishan and Vikranth in the lead roles, is slated to hit theatres on November 10th. The film is releasing in Telugu as C/o Surya (Care of Surya).