Box Office

Meyaadha Maan and Aramm TN Box Office status

Karthik Subbaraj’s Meyaadha Maan, which was bought for Rs. 2 crores, has earned a final share of Rs. 1.6 crores only and ended up as a marginal loss venture for distributors. The bad time of the release date (it hit screens alongside Vijay’s Mersal) and the shortage of screens affected the film’s prospects despite getting good reviews.

Meanwhile, Nayanthara’s Aramm which received unanimously positive word-of-mouth and excellent reviews from critics has managed to get the share of Rs. 3 crores in its first 10 days of run. Although the producers are safe with the satellite rights sold to Sun TV, the distributors are expecting few more for a relief. It must be noted that Aramm is into its 3rd week of run currently.