Chandrababu Naidu rejects Rajamouli’s designs for Amaravati?

It seems Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has turned down director SS Rajamouli’s designs for the government buildings of the new capital city of Amaravati.
It may be recalled that Naidu had requested Rajamouli to give a touch of Telugu culture to these designs. Following this, the ‘Baahubali’ creator recently gave a presentation of his views, which did not impress the CM.

Speaking to the media, Rajamouli said that even though everybody liked his designs, the chief minister didn’t okay them.

Rajamouli also said: “Firstly, I helped in documentation of the design, to reflect the aspirations of the Chief Minister. When I was approached for the first time, I spoke to the CM, and he wanted the building to reflect Indian culture. He said that it should be unique, iconic and reflect the pride of the Telugu people. He gave me a few suggestions like this, which I put down on paper and submitted to the architecture firm.”

“Secondly, on the request of Norman and Fosters, we had provided some images that represented Indian and Telugu culture for a specific design, but that didn’t get picked. However, everyone liked the story and images that we submitted, so maybe that will be used for the Media City or Cultural Center or some other construction of the government,” he told reporters

“Thirdly, in the centre of the building’s hall, we had pitched a concept of installing a Telugu Talli (Mother Telugu) statue, in a way that sun rays would fall on it. Even that was unanimously liked by everyone,” he said further.

Rajamouli added: “These are my three contributions. Whatever images we provided, it is still in the testing stage only, and not the final product. Otherwise, my contribution is as little as that of the squirrels in the construction of the Rama Sethu.”