Toronto Tamil Man Helps Prevent Suicide

Dino Juiakumar, a tow truck driver, is being credited for preventing a 19-year old woman from taking her own life.


While Dino was taking the Highway 401 home yesterday, when temperatures reached a high of -17 C in the city, he noticed the woman laying “with her head down” on the side of the overpass and said he knew the situation “wasn’t good”, reports CTV News.


” The 19-year-old woman told him through tears that she was going to end her own life.

Juiakumar said as soon as he motioned to grab his phone out of his pocket to call 9-1-1, the woman made a break for the overpass and started to try and climb over the edge.

At that moment, he threw his phone to the ground, grabbed the woman in a tight bear hug and started moving her away from the overpass.

“I was holding her and she was pushing my jacket and kept saying she wanted to jump, that she seriously wants to go, so I kept holding her really tight,” he said.

“I told her it’s not going to happen, I’m here, and it’s not going to happen.” ”


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