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High On Love Lyrics – Pyaar Prema Kaadhal

High On Love Lyrics – Pyaar Prema Kaadhal

High On Love Lyrics – Pyaar Prema Kaadhal
Song : High On Love
Movie : Pyaar Prema Kaadhal
Singer : Sid Sriram
Lyrics : Niranjan Bharathi
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Composed & Arranged by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Recorded @ AM Studios, Kodambakkam | U1 Records
Recorded by M. Kumaraguruparan D.F.Tech (U1 Records), Pradeep (AM Studios)
Mixed by M. Kumaraguruparan D.F.Tech
Mastered by Andreas Balaskas, Kausikan Sivalingam
Mastered at Masterlab, Germany.
Starring : Harish Kalyan, Raiza Wilson & Others
Director : Elan
Banner : YSR Films
Year : 2018

High on love is the first official track from Pyaar Prema Kaadhal released on Valentíne’s day. The High on love song lyrics penned by Niranjan Bharathi and sung by Sid Sriram. The movie is starring Harish Kalyan, Raiza Wilson in lead. While music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and movie directed by Elan.

High On Love – Prelude leading up to ‘pallavi’ and the interlude leading up to ‘Charanam’. High On Love is a song in the upcoming movie Pyaar Prema Kaadhal. Sung by the singing sensation, Sid Sriram, High On Love.
Like the title, the lyric, making, and visual music video is indeed high in love – a lot of intimacy involved, filled with the youthfulness of love.

High On Love has spurred a lot of excitement in youngsters as well as anticipation and expectations. The song will undoubtedly be one of the love anthems in milennials’ list.

High On Love Lyrics – Pyaar Prema Kaadhal

Yeh Penney
En Nenjil
Saainthu Saaikiraai
Nee Arugil Puriyatha
Maayam Seigirai
Unnai Polavey
Naan Inagey
Kirangithaan Poneney
Bothaiyaga Thaan Aaneney
Thalladum Jeevaney

Minnal Polavey Vanthaaye
Vinnai Thandi
Oru Sorgaththai
Mannil Yengumey Thanthaye
Vizhiyai Neengi Nee Vilagathey
Nodiyum Yen Manam Thangathey
Yenna Nerumo Theriyathey
En Jeevan Yenguthey

En Uyirinai Vathaithidum
En Ithayathil Amarnthidum Arasi Nee
En Udalinil..Nadhiyaai Odum
Uthiram Neeyadi
Un Siripinil Kavithaigal Kalanguthey
Un Mozhigalil Isaigalum Thorakuthey
Un Iruvizhi Minnal Yendha
Vaanam Yenguthey

Unakul Yenthan
Kaadhal Kaangiren
Veliyil Solla
Vaarthaigal Thevaiya??
Irunthum Un Ithazhgal
Antha Vaarthai

Kuruvi Polavey
Yen Ullam
Thaththi Thaavuthey Unnaley
Kuzhanthai Polavey
En Kaalgal
Suthi Thiriyuthey Pinnaaley
Theeyai Polavey
En Thegam
Paththi Yeriyuthey Thannaley..
Aruvi Polavey Aanandham
Nilamal Paayuthey

Yeh Penney
En Nenjil
Saainthu Saaikiraai
Nee Arugil Puriyatha
Maayam Seigirai

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