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Interview: Yashika Anand, Chandrika Ravi discuss IAMK, working with Gautham Karthik and director Santhosh

After the blockbuster success of adult comedy Hara Hara Mahadevaki, director Santhosh Jayakumar, and Gautham Karthik are all set for their next release Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu which is gearing up to hit screens tomorrow. The film, which is produced by Blue Ghost Pictures, stars Vaibhavi Shandilya, Yashika Anand, and Chandrika Ravi as lead heroines.

Only Kollywood caught up with Yashika and Chandrika to talk about the film, breaking stereotypes associated with the adult comedy genre and their working experiences with Gautham and Santhosh. 

Talking about stepping into the adult genre early in the career, Chandrika said, “I don’t think it as a risky move. Coming from a western society where every sitcom you watch on television has a dirty joke, I don’t discriminate a film as an adult comedy. It has a great story, and there’s nothing like the director has put in some masala to make it crude. We are a family, and we understand each other’s vision.”

Yashika Anand, who rose to fame with her brief role in Karthick Naren’s breakout hit Dhuruvangal 16, said, “In India, the case is different. Many families would oppose it or don’t even like it when we experiment something like this. But I would say that we aren’t showing anything vulgar. I come from an open-minded family where my parents didn’t tell me how people judge with a girl’s clothing. Yes, it is an adult comedy, but it is going to be a laugh riot.”

Chandrika also insisted that she is currently part of a variety of Tamil and Malayalam. “In my next film, I play a heroine in a Tamil-Malayalam bilingual. I am very appreciative that I have been noticed for my skills as an actor. If you watch the trailer or see the posters of the film even for a split second, you will see me as an ordinary girl. You won’t see me as a glamour girl. Every actor has to face typecasting and flops, but it’s about how you come up and show you have resilience and versatility.”

Yashika pointed out how Amitabh Bachchan transformed from giving consecutive flops when he debuted as an actor to emerge as the superstar of Indian cinema. “About getting stereotyped, I have already done different genre, and Chandrika is doing a film which is entirely different from Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu. Maybe we will get roles where the glamour portions would be high, but we are ready to explore things and experiment more. That’s why we took this opportunity,” she observed.

Asked if they completed understood the double-meaning dialogues in the film before enacting a particular scene, Chandrika said, “I know Tamil. And I did understand everything. There was never a situation where any of us were uncomfortable. We all are adults, and everyone who worked on sets knows that we are doing our job here. Any film will be driven by some message or emotion and at the end of this film is quite a sad message. The director has taken every element of storytelling and added some masala to accommodate the younger generation of South India that is changing.”

Yashika said the audiences in Tamil should be more broadminded and accept all kinds of films with sound maturity. “There’s a thin line between a porn movie and an adult movie, and Santhosh sir has done proper planning, and he knows where to draw the line. This is the first time we are experimenting a story like this in South, but in Bollywood, they have already accepted it. It requires a lot of guts to do that here and the maturity of the audience to see it as a mere entertainer is all that matters,” said Yashika on a concluding note.