Bhaskar oru Rascal – Review by Naveen

Rejoice this remake

-Movie Review 

Director Siddique is a master of remakes, when it comes to recreating the magic of Malayalam movies in Kollywood. Years after ‘Friends’, ‘Engal Anna’ and ‘Kaavalan’, he has now come up with ‘Bhaskar Oru Rascal’.

The film, which is the Tamil version of his own Malayalam movie ‘Bhaskar The Rascal’, is faithful to the original. At the same time, it has been Tamilised well to suit the tastes of the audience here.

Akash (Raghavan) and Shivani (Nainika), who are schoolmates, are opposite poles. While the former is calm and composed, the latter is aggressive and impatient.

On the other hand, their single parents have a contrasting nature. While Akash’s father Bhaskar (Arvind Swami), an entrepreneur, is known for his angry fights, Shivani’s mother Anu (Amala Paul) is a matured and cool woman.

The common feature in them is- Bhaskar is a widower, Anu is a widow. Now Akash and Shivani decide to bring their single parents together so that all of them can live as one family.

The rest is all about whether the kids succeed in their mission or not and can people with contrasting attitudes live happily under one roof. In the meantime, there is a crime angle too.

The decision to replace Mammootty with Arvind Swami has paid off well, with the ‘Bombay’ and ‘Roja’ actor shining well in each and every scenes. It is a delight to watch him.

Amala Paul has delivered a bold and beautiful performance, while child artistes Raghavan and Nainika are right choices to their respective roles. And there are Ramesh Kanna, Soori and Robo Shankar to make us laugh.

Music by Amresh Ganesh and cinematography by Vijay Ulaganath sync well with the script. Though the film is a roller coaster ride of comedy, emotions and crime, certain portions could have been delivered better. But still, ‘Bhaskar Oru Rascal’ doesn’t disappoint us.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5