Kaalakkoothu – Review by Naveen

Madurai matters

– Review

If we are right, the trend of Madurai-based movies started with ‘Kaadhal’ in the early 2000s and gathered momentum with ‘Subramaniapuram’.

From then on, there is no looking back for filmmakers to narrate stories in the backdrop of the temple city and ‘Kaalakkoothu’ is one more to the list.

Directed by M Nagarajan, the film which has Prasanna, Kalaiyarasan, Sai Dhanshika and Srushti Dange in lead roles is yet another Madurai flick which has friendship, love and violence as its vital elements.

Easwaran (Prasanna) and Hari (Kalaiyarasan) are close friends since childhood. Their bond get closer after they lose their parents. Hari’s world now revolves around his sister and Easwaran.

Meanwhile, Hari is in love with Gayathri (Sai Dhanshika), a college student, while Revathi (Srushti Dange), another girl in the locality, tries to woo Easwaran.

Hari comes to know about this and convinces Easwaran to accept Revathi’s love. When everything goes smooth in their lives, a tragedy strikes again.

Son of a powerful politician misbehaves with Hari’s sister and this incident changes the life of the protagonists forever. What follows next ends in a bloody climax.

The four lead actors- Prasanna, Kalaiyarasan, Sai Dhanshika and Srushti Dange- have performed well by understanding the need of their roles. Others in the cast are adequate.

Justin Prabhakaran has composed the music and PV Sankar is behind the camera. Both have done justice to their respective departments with beautiful songs and interesting camera angles.

The director, who is a native of Madurai, has intended to show his hometown in a vibrant manner and has succeeded in it. Had he focussed more on novelty, the film could have been a much better show. For, cliches and predictability deter us from fully enjoying ‘Kaalakkoothu’.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen