TFPC sets deadline for Vadivelu to solve ‘Imsai Arasan…’ problem

After Vadivelu announced stepping out of ‘Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi’ and blamed the film’s makers for wasting his dates and causing him mental and financial agony, the latter filed a complaint against him with the Tamil Film Producers Council.

The latest we hear is- the Council has directed Vadivelu to either act in the film without any conditions or to settle Rs nine crore to its producers. He has also been given one week’s time to decide on the issue.

Recently, responding to the allegations against him, Vadivelu said, “I agreed to act in the sequel of this film on 1 June 2016. I was assured that they would complete shooting this film by December 2016. They said I should not sign any other films during this period. I agreed and as I had given them an assurance that I would not act in any other films, I let go off many opportunities. However, they did not even begin the film by December 2016.

Despite this being the case, keeping in mind the state of the film industry and for the sake of the producer,

I gave them dates and acted as per their wishes. At this stage, S Pictures (owned by director Shankar) removed my personal costume designer.

Moreover, they lodged a complaint with the producers council in which they have tried to portray a wrong picture, saying that the popularity that I enjoy today is only because of having acted in the first part of this film.

If I had refused to act as per the agreement, why did they not lodge a complaint before December 2016? They have lodged a complaint with malafide intentions a year after the agreement period has ended. After having signed this film, I did not accept any other films despite getting many such offers during 2016-2017. As a result, I have suffered mentally and financially.”