Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2: Controversial Moments From The First Week That Left Us Shocked

There is no denying that Bigg Boss Tamil was the most controversial and popular show on TV last year. Hosted by veteran actor-director Kamal Haasan, it featured several spicy moments and ended up redefining the tenets of the TV industry. It also gave Tamil Nadu a sweetheart in Oviya and this added to the craze around the show. Now, one year later, Bigg Boss mania has gripped the small screen  again. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 kicked off on June 16, 2018 much to the delight of the fans. And, it seems to have become a craze in no time.

The second season of Bigg Boss is a lot wilder than the first one and has already become synonymous with spicy moments. With Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 now one week old, here is a look at the FIVE most talked about moments from the show.

Janani And Aishwarya Dutta's Lip-lock

Janani And Aishwarya Dutta’s Lip-lock

In a shocking development, Janani and Aishwarya recently locked lips on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 and lit the screen on fire. The raunchy moment created quite a buzz amongst the viewers and indicated that Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is going to be a wild affair.

Yashika's Confession

Yashika’s Confession

Yashika Anand, who is quite an outspoken individual, recently became the talk of the town when she told the camera that she has a boyfriend and broke the hearts of countless young men. She sure knows how to steal the spotlight!

Mumtaz And Nithya's Showdown

Mumtaz And Nithya’s Showdown

During episode 4, Mumtaz and Nithya got into a heated argument over the problems faced by the cooking team. The argument started when Nithya accused her of not cooking in the morning and things soon turned ugly. Although things ultimately returned to normal, the incident left everyone shocked.

Shariq And Aishwarya Dutta's Budding Romance

Shariq And Aishwarya Dutta’s Budding Romance

Shortly after the show went on air, Shariq praised Aishwarya and said that he found her to be ‘chubby’. As expected, this created a buzz amongst the fans and hinted that love was in the air. On the weekend episode, Shariq told the Bengali lady that he has feelings for her and added a new dimension to the show.

The Nithya-Thadi Balaji Situation

The Nithya-Thadi Balaji Situation

When Thadi Balaji and his estranged wife Nithya entered the show many expected them to lash out at each other right from the word go. While that has not happened, the rift between them does indeed seem to have widened. During week 1, Nithya made it a point to ignore the popular RJ and turned down his advances. It remains to be seen if this situation improves in the coming weeks.