Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Review: A Decent Rom-Com Flick For The Young At Heart!



Star Cast: Harish Kalyan, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Raiza Wilson, Rekha, Anand Babu

Director: Ilan

So it’s Bigg Boss vs Bigg Boss week. Bigg Boss season 1 fame, Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson seem to have very well capitalized on the recognition obtained from the reality show and have a movie under their kitty that has released today. What’s brewing is the fact that the supposed feel-good youth rom-com is locking horns with the reality show’s host-turned legendary actor, Kamal Haasan’s much anticipated Vishwaroopam 2. Being titled as Pyaar Prema Kadhal, this is the flick that is stuffed with the required ingredients to establish the same feel with the audience. But, has it served its purpose? Let’s find out.

The movie takes off with Sri (Harish Kalyan), a simpleton with a traditional mindset who is seen content with what the life has to offer and he’s seen as a happy guy amidst his parents. Sri’s mother is a typical mother who thinks and cares for her son a lot, which only prompts the latter to go emotional. Cut the scene and the heroine is introduced. Sindhuja (Raiza Wilson) is quite contrasting to Sri, as she is a practical girl of the present age who is ambitious about running her own restaurant in Los Angeles. Sindhuja is backed by her father, as she is treated like Dad’s little princess.

Both Sri and Sindhuja meet at a work place and within no time, fall for each other. Sri is hesitant while Sindhuja takes the lead and eventually, both walk hand in hand. When it’s a certain time, Sri decides to get into wed-lock, while Sindhuja calls for a live-in relationship.

How will the duo sort out their ideologies? Who will have the final word? Will the love birds unite?

Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson make a great on-screen pair, as they complement each other to a great extent. Though Harish has shown all signs of stamping his mark as a potential actor in the K-Town, Raiza is still left behind and has quite some catching up work to do in order to join the league.

Munishkanth is entertaining as Harish’s friend, while the rest of the casting have chipped in with decent performances.

Pyaar Prema Kadhal Movie Review: A Decent Rom-Com Flick For The Young At Heart

The rom-com breezy entertainer is executed in a neat manner by director Elan. Be it his writing or direction, both land up on the positive side, selling the movie as a pop-corn entertainer. Pyaar Prema Kadhal could well bring a good number of young audiences into the theatres but might not be successful in luring the general audience.

Cinematography by Raja Bhattacharjee is eye-candy at places, as the lead pair’s chemistry has been shown pretty well, while editing done by S. Manikumaran is slick.

Pyaar Prema Kadhal Movie Review: A Decent Rom-Com Flick For The Young At Heart

Music director-Producer, Yuvan Shankar Raja seems to be a happy man at the end of the day for his loftier output in the former department and a decent compliment in the latter.

A feel-good breezy entertainer, which is aided by a good-looking on-screen couple. Go in for the movie if you are a fan of rom-com genre-based flicks.