Vanitha Reacts To Father Vijayakumar’s Latest Allegations Against Her

The veteran actor Vijayakumar had recently lodged a police complaint against his daughter/actress Vanitha and claimed that that the house she was staying in belonged to him. The Sneham Kosam actor had further asked her to move out of the house ASAP. Following this, Vanitha was questioned by the cops about the matter. After leaving the police station, she spoke to the media and commented on her father’s allegation. She said that the house belongs to her mother and added that being the eldest daughter, she was the ‘heir’ to the property.

“The house actually belongs to my mother and I am a legal heir to that property. I am her first daughter and I have all the rights to be in that house. How can an Inspector bring me to the Police Station and slap me? I have already filed a case in the court, and when that case is pending, the Police shouldn’t even interfere. It is a civil case,” she was quoted as saying by behindwoods.

Vanitha also claimed that it was totally wrong to expect her to vacate the house all of sudden and mentioned that she was called to the police station at night.

“I am currently staying in that house, and how can they all of a sudden ask me to vacate? I was not properly informed or told, and out of nowhere, this police officer brings me to the Police station in the middle of the night. I do not know what else to do,” said Vanitha.

This is a developing situation and it will be worth watching what happens next.