2point0 insider reviews from north Indian distributors

2point0 is growing bigger by the day and we are just 9 days before we witness the biggest visual wonder in Indian cinema.

The buzzing news today is the north Indian distributors who have seen the movie, they claim selected few have seen the movie because they plan on the release, some source claim only 25 minutes were shown to them.

Here is a distributor from Indore claiming to have seen the full movie gave an extremely positive review on his own words “2point0 movie is worth the hype and this is the only movie India should be proud of” “It will set box office on fire

He says 2point0 is an action adventure and perfectly crafted in all departments and have a story that caters to today’s youth..He also said Akshay kumar character though is a villain character, people will love his because of the theme he carries and the message delivered.

We have already made our research and first category north Indian distributors who saw the movie are also raving about it and this particular person is a second category distributor (second tier cities) so it is clear the news is positive.

What more good news do we need guys ? 2point0 is going to make Tamil cinema and Indian cinema proud.

Just to verify his credential we also verified his old tweets and he gave a not so good review for Thugs of Hindostan on Nov 6 (2 days before release) which was the same from public also after the release on Nov 8th

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