Dev Movie Review: Karthi's Adventure Fails To Excite The Audience



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In 2018, actor Karthi became the talk of the town when Kadaikutty Singam opened to a good response at the box office, receiving rave reviews from the target audience. A rural-drama, it featured the actor in the role of a farmer and proved to be a feast for the family audience. Now, Karthi is back in the limelight because of his latest release Dev, which hit the screens today (February 14, 2019. The adventure-drama created plenty of pre-release buzz owing to its gripping trailer and powerful posters.

So, did Dev live up to the expectations?



Dev revolves around how a carefree adventure-seeker is forced to take up a big challenge when his friend introduces him to an ambitious businesswoman who is obsessed with her work and has no time for anything else.

Screenplay And Direction

Even at a very superficial level, Dev comes across a routine and predictable film. This problem is magnified by some lame writing. The screenplay is all over the place and totally disjointed. As a result, Dev ends up being neither a romantic-drama nor an adventure-thriller. In other words, it is stuck in no man’s land. Barring a few romantic sequences, nothing really works for Dev.


Karthi delivers a solid performance which saves Dev from being a total trainwreck. However, at times, one gets the feeling that he deserved a better/stronger role. Rakul Preet is strictly okay. Ramya Krishnan and Prakash Raj are under-utilised. In fact, it is quite disappointing to see actors of such calibre being wasted in meaningless roles.

Technical Departments

Harris Jayaraj’s music has situational appeal but none of the songs make much of an impact. The cinematography is brilliant. Most of the visuals are stunning and leave fans mesmerised. The editing, however, could have been better as the film drags at certain points. The other technical departments have been handled ably.


Karthi’s performance



Weak screenplay

Drags at certain points

Songs do not make an impact


Dev had the potential to be a winner but it fails to make an impact because of poor execution.