Raghava Lawrence not happy with Seeman

Raghava Lawrence is not happy with Seeman and his party cadres as they have been constantly degrading everyone. The actor, choreographer, producer, director condemned Seeman’s speeches and his party cadres behavior, who have been continuously abusing Lawrence and his philanthropic works.

‘Though I don’t pay heed to such abuses. Recently, physically challenged students from my home were also verbally abused by your party cadres. I can’t tolerate such things in the future, you can’t abuse my students and my fans. This is indeed a warning to you and your followers. Yes, I’m zero in politics. I used to be a zero in dance, acting, production, and filmmaking but now, I have learned everything. Don’t make me a hero in politics as well. As a brother, if you think what you have done is not right, call me, let’s talk and sort this out amicably. If you are game for battle, I’m ready too. The choice is yours’, said Lawrence.

Later, Seeman replied, ‘Someone has tweaked my speech and conveyed it to Lawrence. If my party cadres have done anything wrong, will condemn them. There is no personal animosity with Lawrence.’

Meanwhile, Raghava Lawrence awaiting the release of his movie Kanchana 3 on 19 April.