Bigg Boss Tamil 3 teaser: Kamal Haasan to host reality show again

Kamal Haasan will host the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Vijay Television on Wednesday tweeted a 10-second teaser officially announcing the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil. What’s more? Actor-politician Kamal Haasan will return as the host for the upcoming season.

Kamal coming back on the show for the third time is a surprise given that his ambitions have entirely shifted from entertainment industry to the world of politics. On the other hand, it is also not so surprising considering the fact that he set the stage for his political debut by using the popularity of the show to amplify his political aspirations.

The Vishwaroopam star has been unapologetic about using the pop-culture platform to send subliminal political messages and slamming his political rivals. He has also made no secret about the fact that he agreed to host the television show, despite its controversial nature, as it helped him to reach millions of Tamil households worldwide every weekend. He claimed the show provided an opportunity for the public to understand his true-self.

According to sources, the reality show is expected to go live in June.

The first season of Bigg Boss Tamil went on air on June 25, 2016. The show opened to a lacklustre response as Kamal was trying to get a grasp of his new role as a television host. A few episodes later, it became a highly debated television event in Tamil Nadu. The second season, however, began on a high-note but hit a rough patch, largely, due to Kamal, who seemed under-prepared and too good to discuss the silly quarrels of the housemates.