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Mr.Local Movie Review

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Nayanthara, Radhika, Sathish, Yogibabu, Robo Shankar, Thambi Ramaiah, Harija and others

Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan ; Music: Hiphop Tamizha ; Editing: Vivek Harshan ;

Written & Directed by: Rajesh ; Distribution: Sakthi Film Factory ; Produced by: Studio Green ;

Run Time: 02:37:00 ; Release Date: 17-05-2019

After three very bad films, Rajesh returns with a comeback of sorts in Mr. Local, a chilled out, jolly entertainer which never gets into the boring zone. Despite the odd joke not working, the film engages for most parts and that’s it’s biggest plus. With a bucket of popcorn, it could be an entertaining watch for those looking out for a time pass ride from Sivakarthikeyan and gang.

Mr. Local takes off by playing to Sivakarthikeyan’s boy next door image, which has been missing from his slate for a while. The film understands the middle class household well and puts its lead in a comfort zone where he can score in each and every scene given to him. Right from the first frame, Sivakarthikeyan is at his energetic best and carries the entire weight of the film on his shoulders. On the other side is Nayanthara, who has a stylish presence and expectedly pulls off her part in good fashion. Amidst the comedians, Sathish manages to crack us up with some comics while Yogi Babu and Robo Shankar mostly falter. Though Radikaa is at her usual best, the film mainly hangs on to the combination scenes between Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara, which work quite well.

For a commercial film which doesn’t offer anything new, the cinematography and the editing are pretty neat and well done throughout. However, some better music from Hip Hop Tamizha would have made the song sequences more entertaining.

On the whole, Mr. Local is a fine watch if you go in expecting what you saw in the trailers. Sivakarthikeyan holds the film together by playing to his strengths, bringing us a film that cannot be panned completely. It does have it’s share of misfires, but ends up doing what it intended to pretty well.

Verdict: A fine, watchable stress-buster!

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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