Losliya is the new Oviya: Fathima Babu

Fathima Babu on Sunday became the first contestant to get evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3.

Fathima Babu, the first eliminated contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, is “happy and relieved.” The senior news anchor-actor says she didn’t go in expecting to win the game. “The love, respect and support of my fans is overwhelming. The destination never matters; it is all about the journey. I have never seen this kind of response for someone who got evicted first. I got more than what I looked for,” she smiles.

Excerpts from a conversation:

What made you sign up for Bigg Boss?

I thought it was a great platform to showcase the real me. I have been a news reader-actor all these years doing films and stage plays, but nothing fetched me a great recognition like Bigg Boss. Now, I have become a household name. In fact, I used to feel bored giving interviews as questions from journalists would be repetitive. Everything pretty much has been written about. But post-Bigg Boss stint, it is different. Also, I took it as an opportunity to remind the audience I am relevant.

They say you played it safe.

I am a no-drama person, and whoever knows me can vouch for this. Even in real life, I am peace loving. I can’t stand people fighting, but I observe. I provide suggestions only when I am asked for it. Otherwise, I mind my business.

But it looked as if you were detached from other contestants.

First, I couldn’t connect with them. Second, I can’t see myself arguing with others. Third, most of them were in groups. I am not blaming them. It is their age. I neither did groupism nor indulged in small talk. Those things don’t interest me. For example, Vanitha tried to gossip about Meera Mithun a couple of times in her absence and I stayed away. I am too mature for this. Kamal sir himself had nice things to say about me on the Sunday episode. What more do I need? I think I won.

Do you think Vanitha will be evicted next?

Not at all. Though she is loud, she delivers what the audience wants. She entertains thousands of people. Without Vanitha, Bigg Boss Tamil 3 will be a tad boring. (Smiles)

What was your mindset during the last week? Did you expect you would get evicted first?

To be honest, I saw it coming. I am glad they chose someone mature like me, who handled it well. In the first week, I was given a laughter therapy task. Then, the news-reading task followed eventually. I guess they made maximum use of my talent while I was there. I was more like a counsellor on the show, trying to dissipate the tension in a calm way, without taking sides. I wasn’t contributing much to the television ratings.

I wish you stayed longer.

That’s all right. Whatever happens, is for good. It is a game, after all, and someone has to be eliminated first. I took it in the right spirit. Before entering the show, I did keep 105 saris ready with matching blouse and accessories. But I couldn’t wear them all. That’s the only regret. (Laughs)

I am sure. But what do you miss about the show?

I was this motherly-figure who cooked for everyone. I think they would miss my cooking. I made sumptuous chappatis with palak paneer and venn pongal-chutney, to name a few.

Who did you consider yourself closest to in the house?

Tharshan and I share a special bond. He calls me ‘mum’. I always wish the best for him. I also share a good rapport with Losliya.

Who did you not mingle much with?

I would say Saravanan. I tried to initiate conversations with him a couple of times, but they went in vain. We weren’t like-minded and it’s not my job to convince others to like me. I am what I am and I will be unapologetic about it.

Now that you are back home, are you following Bigg Boss Tamil 3?

With Bigg Boss, it has always been ‘expect the unexpected’. Of course, I am watching it with the same excitement. I did binge-watch a few episodes involving my participation. Hopefully, I will catch the rest in the upcoming weeks.

Who do you think will win this season?

Personally, I want Tharshan to win, but Losliya and Sandy are equally strong contenders. Losliya is the new Oviya and Sandy has an amazing sense of humour.