WHAT! Vijay Let Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar Change In His Car Once?



oi-Chaitra Krishnamurthy


There is no dearth of entertainment or controversies on the television reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil. The inmates often share stories that reveal some of the most interesting and shocking things. Vanitha Vijayakumar, who was recently eliminated from the show, has revealed something about Thalapathy Vijay, that you ought to know! Apparently, the actor let Vanitha change her dress in his car once. However, there’s a twist to it. Before you jump to conclusions, read the complete story below!

BB 3’s Vanitha Changed Clothes In Vijay’s Car Once

When asked if she was comfortable sharing washrooms with her fellow contestants, she said, “The first question that my daughter asked was about the washroom and how did I manage. I am a claustrophobic and feel very uncomfortable being inside a small room or bathroom.”

She further added, “Yes, I had all the luxurious in my life after being born in a financially-rich family, but everything changed once I entered (the) film industry. Those days, we never used to get to stay in star hotels as most part of the shooting was happening in villages. We used to get accommodated in small homes where there were small toilets.”

However, it wasn’t only the lack of toilet facilities that bothered her. Vanitha was once asked to change her costume in an open space, and she just couldn’t do it. Recollecting the incident, she shared, “We never used to get caravans like today. We would change our dress in cars.”

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That’ when Thalapathy Vijay came to her rescue. “I was shocked and refused to do it. Vijay was very helpful and he was like ‘Why are you creating a scene for a small issue.’ He let me change my costumes in his Sierra car,” Vanitha added.