Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Week 9 Elimination: Predictions To Turn True?





Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is set to complete its ninth week and now, like every other week, an eviction is expected to take place. Four contestants have been nominated to the eviction list and reports doing the rounds suggest that it will be Kasthuri who will be eliminated on the ninth week from Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Week 9 Elimination

Cheran, Sandy Master, Tharshan and Kasthuri are the contestants in the nomination list of week 9. Interestingly, apart from Cheran, rest of the three contestants are making it to the eviction list for the first time in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Hence, this should give a clear picture of the public support that these contestants enjoy.

However, social media reports suggest that it is Kasthuri who holds the maximum chance to be evicted. She had made an entry to Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house as a wild-card entry and many believe that she has failed to make her presence felt with some of the contestants isolating her. The twitter talks suggest that her fan base is not that strong when compared to others. Hence, there was a talk that Kasthuri might be eliminated ever since the eviction list was announced.

On the other hand, Cheran enjoys huge support among audiences and that was quite evident from the way he was saved from previous evictions. Moreover, Cheran’s behaviour in the past week has also impressed the audiences.

As far as Sandy Master is considered, he has bagged the tag of an entertainer and his presence inside the house is enjoyed by many. Interestingly, Tharshan’s inclusion in the eviction list did leave everyone surprised. He has been one of the most popular contestants but recently, his popularity took a slight dip, especially with the formation of avengers gang.

Well, we will get a clear picture regarding the eviction on Sunday’s episode. Meanwhile, some audiences predict that eviction might not take place this week especially since two contestants had gone out of the house in the past week.