I got gang-ragged by everyone except Kasthuri and Cheran: Madhumitha

Madhumitha was recently evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

“After a long struggle, I am speaking to journalists. I was waiting for this opportunity for quite some time. Finally, I am relieved,” Madhumitha begins.

Excerpts from a conversation:

You were forcefully evicted from the show. What made you lodge a complaint against the production firm of Bigg Boss Tamil?

To be honest, some TV channels sensationalised the whole issue. I mentioned in the report why I had to come out; though my actual complaint was different. Despite having come out of the Bigg Boss house, I was not allowed to give interviews. Of course, I was paid. But considering what had happened, I felt it was necessary to clear things out. That’s how I am. More than anything else, I was keen to meet the media. I was harassed by eight contestants except for Cheran and Kasthuri. In general, I am a jovial person, but I don’t know what made me take the extreme decision the other day. If something wrong happens in front of my eyes, I will question it.

Could you please clarify what exactly happened inside?

We were asked to share our thoughts like we would do on WhatsApp as status messages. This was for a contest on Helo App. Some contestants sang. Few of them mouthed punch dialogues. For my part, I said a one-line poem: “The rain God and people of Karnataka refuse to give us water.” I am God-fearing and I always pray for rain. I care about our society. I didn’t mean for it to be political, but those eight people made it nasty. I told them not to create unnecessary problems saying let the channel decide if they want to telecast the same. Kasthuri and Cheran took my side, acknowledging there was nothing wrong with my poem. It was August 15 (Independence Day) and I had the freedom to voice something that has been bothering me since childhood. This argument went on for over one-and-a-half hours.

You may wonder why Bigg Boss didn’t intervene, but I got a letter from the makers eventually, in which I was asked not to discuss politics and they will not encourage it. After I received the letter, I got gang-ragged by everyone except Kasthuri and Cheran. Kasthuri also got ragged because she supported me. I got so affected and harmed myself. I didn’t know what to do and how to express myself. Even after this incident, people made fun of me. I was in pain and bleeding. Only Kasthuri and Cheran took care of me. Others neither apologised nor cared. I request everyone to stop name-calling Kasthuri. I am very grateful to both of them.

After cutting myself, I wanted to see my family and wanted to continue playing the game, but I was sent out, which is unfair. Mugen who broke the furniture is still a part of the show. So is Abhirami who scratched herself when Mugen said he has “no feelings” for her. But I don’t want to go back. Everyone asks me if this is a scripted show. My issue was not scripted. I don’t know about others.

Do you think Kamal Haasan could have handled this issue in a better way?

People not only look at him as a legendary actor but also a leader of a political party. I request Kamal sir to have someone, say an assistant, to update him about everything that happens inside the house. Had he seen the whole episode, I am sure I would have gotten justice.

You were told not to discuss politics. Was it mentioned in your contract?

I repeat I never discussed politics, but it was made political. Moreover, I spoke about various issues every day but never got a notice from Bigg Boss. That day, I was told the letter was sent as the team didn’t know how to save me from that situation. Also, they said, at least, after reading it, people will stop bullying me. Things went overboard unexpectedly.

Eight of them harassed you, right? Are you planning to file a case against them?

I don’t think they will change if I file a case against them. Do you think they care about society? They don’t care about their own families for that matter. I don’t want to file a case and cause problems to their innocent family members.

Why did you keep using the “Tamil ponnu” card? Do you think this is why you were targeted inside the house?

This contestant (Abhirami) doesn’t wear undergarments and roams around with transparent outfits. Whether it was being telecast or not, there are men inside the house. Around the fourth day, Vanitha and I politely told Abhirami it was wrong. But it didn’t get resolved and the same behaviour continued. She “fell in love” with Kavin initially. When he didn’t reciprocate, the next day she “falls in love” with Mugen. What sort of behaviour is this? Abhirami is also a Tamil ponnu and she shouldn’t be doing this. Thappa thappu-nu sollalaame! (Smiles)

Will you compromise with Vijay TV?

There is no “fight” between us. My only grouse is that I wasn’t allowed to meet media persons then. Now, I have clarified my stance. Everything has been resolved and I am speaking the truth. The channel isn’t responsible for the damage in any way. It’s just those eight people.

If one of those eight contestants win the show, how will you feel?

What do you expect me to say? It is up to the audience and time.