Bigil Audio Launch: What Will Vijay's Speech Be About? Fans Are Waiting!




By Staff


Bigil’s audio launch will happen on September 19, 2019, and it is sure to be a grand event, which would be graced by the fans of the big star as well. All the songs of the film, set to tune by AR Rahman, are expected to be unveiled during the function. Along with Vijay, the entire crew of the film will also be taking part in this event but what the fans would be eagerly waiting for will be the speech by Vijay.

Bigil Audio Launch: What Will Vijays Speech Be About? Fans Are Waiting!

Earlier, during the audio launch of Sarkar, which happened a year ago, Vijay had stunned everyone with his speech, which was flavoured with some interesting punchlines. Vijay made his point pretty clear with his statements and some of the interesting punchlines that he added, enhanced the savouriness of the strong speech.

Now, once again, the stage is perfectly set for Vijay to come up with yet another speech and fans are eagerly looking forward to what he has to say. Some fans were surprised to see Vijay talking so much during the audio launch ceremony of Sarkar. It needs to be seen whether Vijay will push the bar higher again this time around.

As everyone knows, Bigil audio launch event will be held at Sairam Engineering College. At the same time, some reports that have come up, reveal that earlier, team Bigil had planned to allow media alone for the event but Vijay asked the team to change that particular idea and allow audiences also to attend the grand event.

Interestingly, the audio launch ceremony of Sarkar was also held in the same location but the event was held on a Sunday. But this time, makers of Bigil have opted for a working day for the grand event. Nevertheless, the auditorium is expected to be fully-packed, especially with Vijay gracing the big event. Let us wait and see what is in store for the audiences.