Kaithi – a jackpot movie for Kerala and Andhra distributors

Karthi’s Deepawali release Kaithi is tuning out to be a jackpot for distributors in Kerala and Andhra regions. While the movie continues to run blockbuster in TN.

In Andra where Karthi has good fan base like Suriya, the movie is making it rain to the parties involved. In Kerala the movie was bought for a small price considering the small budget and no hype involved. But the movie collected over 9 crores in Kerala where share alone comes to nearly 5 crores. The movie was sold to Kerala distributors less than 2 crores. Kaithi is still going strong in both Kerala and Andhra regions (Andhra pradesh and Telangana) .

Just to give an idea only Rajni films which usually comes with huge cost and Vijay films which comes with huge cost too grosses 10C in Kerala and they all break even and make a smaller profit. But this is the first time Karthi or any small budget movie to a gross of near 10 crores in Kerala.

Earlier 96 movie , another small budget, no hype movie, grossed over 5 C in Kerala.

Kaithi movie has taken the market of actor Karthi to a completely different level, even though it seems have not changed anything on actor Karthi in selecting his future movies. Actor seems to be level headed in picking scripts.

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