Minister Jayakumar comments about actor Ajith kumar

Recently top actors, super star Rajini, Kamal hassan, Vijay all seen commenting about things too much out of their main business, cinema and acting. Ajith always stood to his job of acting and nothing more and less than that.

Here is minister Jayakumar comments about actor Ajith kumar. Looks like Ajith has some fans in the government too.

Other actors comments come up with some controversy, advertisement (PR stunt?) , some good too with their comments about any “current events” in TN. But Ajith’s stance towards politics , even though he has not vocally commented on it, is received well by most of the public who wanted actors to do their job which is acting. Now Ajith is raising his fan base in the government too.

Suddenly who so much crowd from Kollywood actors all in queue towards the St George fort?