Kamal threatens to quit cinema

Kamal Haasan has said he will be forced to quit cinema if the GST rate for the entertainment industry is not slashed by at least half.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce in Chennai on Friday evening, he said, “the uniform 28 per cent entertainment tax under the GST for cinema in Tamil Nadu was a big punishment.”

“Regional cinema is the strength of Indian cinema. This diversity is the reason why this country is strong. That diversity has to be maintained. You cannot pressurise that. Regional cinema has been the pride of India,” the actor-filmmaker said.

“We wholeheartedly welcome GST and One India, One Tax. But the current rate needs to be revised, otherwise it will ruin regional cinema,” he said.

As an industry, we request that the GST rate be brought down to 12-15 per cent. At the present rate, I can’t afford the tax and I’ll be forced to quit. We should remember this is not East India Company, he added.