Maragatha Nanayam Review by Naveen

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Though he has proved himself as an actor with substance (‘Eeram’, ‘Aravaan’ etc) and despite hailing from a strong cinema family (his father, Ravi Raja Pinisetty, is a popular director in Tollywood), success was somehow eluding Aadhi.

And finally, the actor has found his trump card with ‘Maragatha Nanayam’, a film well written and beautifully directed by ARK Saravan.

Though this film is yet another addition to the long list of eerie comedies which is the latest trend in Kollywood, the way it has been written and presented makes all the difference.

The story: Aadhi, who hails from Tiruppur, wants to make quick bucks. Hence, he decides to smuggle gold for a local jeweller.

In the meantime, he comes to know that a man who has come all the way from China in search of an antique coin- Maragadha Nanayam. Aadhi strikes a deal with him.

As per the deal, Aadhi promises to bring the coin to the Chinese for a fee of Rs 10 crore. In his search for the coin, he finds a team of ghosts (Arunraja Kamarajah and Niki Galrani etc), who promise to help him.

Meanwhile, the hearsay is that whoever lays hands on the Maragadha Nanayam would meet with their fate. Is Aadhi able to achieve the mission or not forms the crux of Maragatha Nanayam.

Comedy comes well for Aadhi and we expect this more from him. All actor, including Nikki Galrani and Arunraja Kamarajah, have delivered goods.

The film is rich technically too, thanks to editing by Prasanna GK, music by Dhibu Ninan Thomas and cinematography by P V Shankar. And there are minus points, but they are very few. ‘Maragatha Nanayam’ may be your perfect weekend destination if you want to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen