Bigg Boss Tamil episode 3: Jallikattu girl Juliana is singled out and targeted, Oviya ‘proposes’ to Aarar

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Updated: June 28, 2017 2:05 pm

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The third episode of Bigg Boss Tamil got serious with the first nomination round. And most of the contestants have started to understand how relationships play out on the show. The housemates began the day with Ramzan wishes to the viewers and requested the Bigg Boss to serve them mutton biryani on the festival.

Shree was a popular and first choice for the nomination. Juliana was nominated for acting ‘oversmart’ and Anuya was nominated for her inability to converse in Tamil. House Captain Snehan was directed to form three teams to handle cooking, washing vessels and cleaning the rest of the house. Gayathri Raghuram was made the head of the team that will take care of cooking, Juliana will oversee doing dishes and Ganesh Venkatram asked to lead the cleaning team.

Juliana understood that she had to overcome unfavourable opinions if she has to survive another day in the house. In the ladies’ bedroom, contestants engaged in a rather serious debate expressing their bad experience with hospital nurses. Harathi Ganesh said that she had almost lost her mother due to a bad nursing at a hospital. Juliana is a nurse by profession by the way. And she was pushed to defending herself and her profession on the show.

Later, Juliana was cornered by Gayathri and Harathi at the kitchen over her role in the sensational Jallikattu protest in Tamil Nadu. She shot to fame after she was caught on the camera raising slogans against the government in favour of Jallikattu. And Gayathri and Harathi criticised the way she expressed her protest and they seemed in no mood to accept her reasons as to why she did what she did. Juliana was visibly caught off-guard with all the unwanted attention she was getting and hurt her fingers while doing dishes.

The housemates had two tasks to finish. The first was to go into the confession room teamwise and look at the childhood photographs and make a guess who’s who. However, they were not allowed to discuss the pictures with other team members. The other one was an individual task. Each housemate had to make a speech explaining why that person thinks he will win the show. And it got interesting when Juliana took the stage. She broke down in front of everyone, paving the way for a lot of drama. Shakthi Vasudevan, however, interrupted her emotional monologue and asked her to stick to the point.

And when Shakthi took the stage, he suggested Juliana not to get so emotional on such platforms saying that everyone in the house was fighting their own battles. But, it was a dramatic irony, when Shree said that he will win the Bigg Boss show in his unenthusiastic tone.

Juliana locked herself in a washroom and continued crying. Ganesh played a caring big brother and pacified her saying she was stronger that she thought. Later, Juliana spoke to the audience playing the outsider card and said the rest of the celebrities were afraid of her winning the show.

The housemates were treated to biriyani on Eid. And, Oviya sort of proposed to Aarar, who is seemingly unsure whether she was serious or joking. So are we.

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