Ivan Thanthiran Review by Naveen

Tricks of the trade

– Review

Director Kannan, who is popular for movies such as ‘Jayamkondan’, ‘Kanden Kadhalai’ and ‘Settai’, is back in the hunt with ‘Ivan Thanthiran’, a film starring Gautham Karthik in the lead role.

The movie, set in the backdrop of Chennai, speaks about engineering students, their skills, ambitions, and more importantly, their plight.

There are a bunch of interesting scenes in the movie, which keep us engaged and entertained. At the same time, certain scenes are cliched and predictable too.

Coming to the story, it is about Sakthi (Gautham Karthik), an engineering graduate who runs his own business with his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji). Their shop is located at Ritchie Street, popular for electronic goods, in Chennai.

Asha (Shraddha), who comes to his shop as a customer, initially has some unpleasant moments with Sakthi. But they turn lovers soon.

As it happens, Sakthi gets an opportunity to fix CCTV cameras in the residence of a minister Devaraj (Super Subbarayan). But he is not paid for that.

Sakthi decides to take revenge on the minister. While doing so, he finds that Devaraj is involved in a big scam, which would affect engineering students. What Sakthi does to achieve the twin purpose- revenge and saving engineering students- forms the curx of the film.

Gautham Karthik delivers goods once again after ‘Rangoon’. His body language fits well to the role. Shraddha is goodlooking and performs well too. But stealing the show is RJ Balaji, who leaves  a magic with his one-liners.

S S Thaman has scored well in background music. Cinematography and other departments, especially stunts, are good. Had the director focussed on few innovative scenes, ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ would have left a big magic.

Rating: 3 out fo 5

By Naveen