Yaanum Theeyavan Review by Naveen

Positive, Negative

– Review

‘Yaanum Theeyavan’ is the debut film of both its director and hero – Prashanth G Sekar and Ashwin Jerome- respectively. And both have done decent jobs, considering that this is their maiden attempt.

The film is a commercial entertainer which attempts to convey a message that every man two sides to him- positive and negative.

Mike (Ashwin Jerome) is a happy go lucky youth who is in love with Sowmy (Varsha Bollama). As their parents oppose their affair, they elope from their houses to enter wedlock.

Meanwhile, Mike rubs a local don Pasupathi (Raju Sundaram) on the wrong side, as the gang led by the latter teases Mike and Sowmy. This makes Pasupathi to vow to take revenge on Mike.

Call it fate, Mike and Sowmy get caught in the hands of Pasupathi, who uses them as pawns to escape from the police. The police are after him, as Pasupathi is now out of favour of a minister who was supporting him.

With Pasupathi one side and the police on the other, what Mike does to save himself and Sowmy? Is he able to teach a ‘fitting lesson’ to Pasupathi?

Ashwin is decent, while Sowmy is good. Raju Sundaram has not gelled with the villain role as we are used to see him in comedy scenes and dance sequences.

Music composer Achu Rajamani, cinematographer Shreyas Krishna and editor Prasanna GK have done a fair job. The director, a former associate of Hari, could have worked more to make the film crisper and sharper.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

By Naveen