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How would you like to inspire and connect the future generation of Tamils around the world?

Here at (TC), that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

Our goal is to inspire, empower and connect the global Tamil community through storytelling.

The primary reason TC was started, in Toronto, over 5 years ago was to fill a gap in the mainstream media – where portrayal of the Tamil community was generally negative, or non-existent. As minority groups, there are very few media spaces available to share and celebrate our cultural identities among ourselves, as well as with those outside of the community. Writers and creators play a big role in bringing this to life.

For less than a cup of Starbucks, you could help our team of writers, editors and creators tell more Tamil stories that matter. Stories that have a meaningful impact on individuals, and the community as a whole. Stories like these:

“From Gutter to Psych Ward”

“Tamil Academic Anantha Chandrakasan Named Dean of Prestigious MIT School of Engineering”

“Learning Tamil as an Adult”

“History Hidden in Plain Sight: Remembering Black July”

Please consider supporting Tamil writers, editors and creators with a small contribution. It will make a big difference!