Kootathil Oruthan Review by Naveen

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The world loves achievers. But on the contrary, majority of people end up as so-called ‘averages’. This is the subject of ‘Kootathil Oruvan’, the maiden directorial venture of former journalist Gnanavel.

The director has infused the movie with all necessary ingredients- comedy, emotions, love, family sentiments etc. But for the last 20 minutes, which give documentary feel, the film is overall good.

Aravind (Ashok Selvan) is average in everything in life and is not celebrated or noticed by anyone, including his friends. But the first appreciation for him comes from Janani (Priya Anand) and Aravind is on cloud nine.

To impress her, Aravind joins the same course and college of her. Janani, who realises that Aravind is behind her, warns him and asks him achieve something in life.

A dejected Aravind attempts suicide, but ends up saving a gangster Sathya (Samuthirakani’s son). In turn, Sathya wants to do some favour to Aravind and vows to make him hog limelight.

Sathya and his men ensure that Aravind get a prestigious scholarship. And another act of Sathya lands Janani in trouble. How Aravind emerges triumphant in a tough situation is all what Kootathil Oruvan is about.

Ashok Selvan has finally arrived as a complete actor, as he has delivered a strong performance in this film. Priya Anand is cool and casual, while Samuthirakani is tailor-made.

P K Varma’s visuals are natural, while Nivas Prasanna has woven a magic with his musical score, especially the BGM. But the real hero is editor Leo John Paul, who has made the movie crisp (120 minutes).

While Gnanavel emerges triumphant as director, he should avoid documentary feel in his next movies. At the same time, there is no denial that ‘Kootathil Oruvan’ delivers a right message.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Navee