Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya calls herself bipolar as Kamal Haasan addresses the red carpet incident with Julie

Written by Priyanka Sundar
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Published:July 30, 2017 5:31 pm

kamaal haasan, bigg boss, bigg boss tamil, kamaal haasan pic, kamaal haasan host, Bigg Boss Tamil: The task for the day was for the housemates to enact a scene from Kamal Haasan’s hit film Avvai Shanmughi.

The episode started with a recap of the week’s events. Viewers saw that Oviya and Julie’s fight took a turn for the worse, Gayathri and Oviya came to terms and Raiza has found herself at odds with Oviya again. The Friday episode started with Oviya looking at a frog. She tries to get the frog to leave but is scared, so Julie comes out to take the frog away. It was a funny start. Snehan and Shakti talk about their eviction, and how long it will take for them to even be on the nomination list.

Oviya, who is assigned to be the shadow of Julie does her work promptly and has promised Aarav that she won’t misbehave with Julie like the day before. The housemates, in the absence of Oviya, Raiza and Julie, discuss the situation.

The task for the day was for the housemates to enact a scene from Kamal Haasan’s hit film Avvai Shanmughi. The scene has an interesting connection with what has been happening in the Bigg Boss house and Kamal wonders if the housemates would be able to understand why they had got this task. The housemates were split in two and Team A and Team B shared their experience of enacting each character with Kamal Haasan.

Gayathri had mentioned in one of the episodes that people could have watched ‘edited’ content that highlighted the negative aspects of Shakthi or her behaviour. This led to Kamal Haasan questioning Gayathri on why she thinks the channel or the program would do that. He spoke about how camera only records what happens in the house and it doesn’t have a hidden agenda. Kamal spoke about this to Snehan as well. He also asked why Julie felt so offended by the word hallucination and went on to explain that it was just a behaviour pattern. Also, Kamal asked Julie again if she wanted to watch the famed ‘5-second’ video. To this, Julie accepted that she did not have the confidence and said she did not want to take a chance and watch the video.

Oviya couldn’t hold in her laughter and it was almost a sarcastic response to Julie, which Kamal Haasan also noticed. Shakthi was taken to task next for mentioning male ego, and for not apologising to Oviya when she had taken the initiative to apologise first. Kamal asked Shakthi why he mentioned male ego, and if Shakthi thought that female sex was weak. Shakthi explained that he was not a male chauvinist and that the ego that he meant was only his own ego – no connection to gender. To this, Kamal said that it was important to get clarity on the subject.

Kamal then told Raiza that he liked the fact she spoke to Snehan in privacy about the way he addressed her. He also spoke about Oviya’s irresponsible behaviour when she scared Julie during the red carpet task. He also said that the housemates had a responsibility towards each other. When he addressed Julie, she said that Oviya had confronted her and said that Julie might not be able to go back being in Chennai as people might not respect anymore. To this Kamal asked Oviya if she said it because she cared about Julie’s well-being and Oviya was honest and said, “I do not care about her anymore.”

But by the end of the episode, Julie accepted that she lied about Oviya and apologised. Oviya, on Kamal’s insistence, is ready to give a second chance and now the viewers will have to wait and see what happens next.

Also, in a surprise turn of events, a wildcard entry is expected. From the buzz so far and the sneak peek we have got, it looks like Bindu Madhavi could be the next celebrity to enter the house.


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