Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan introduces new entrant Bindu Madhavi, Oviya becomes the target again

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Published:July 31, 2017 12:02 pm

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Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan last week cleared confusions and exposed lies about Oviya, that had turned almost everyone in the house against her. Confident that she will now be treated well, Oviya was seen making proactive efforts to make things better with everyone in the house, especially with Gayathri Raghuram, Raiza and even Juliana.

But, her efforts to make peace with the other housemates were met with taunts and insults as Gayathri, Raiza and Juliana made it clear that Oviya “doesn’t exist” for them in the house. Shakthi Vasudevan, Snehan and Vaiyapuri became very appreciative of Oviya. And Ovyia’s bond with Aarv grew stronger.

Bigg Boss himself tried to arrange a situation in the guise of the task to make Oviya and Gayathri talk and settle their past differences. The task required Oviya and Gayathri to become the in-house reporters and interview housemates and understand what they really think about the events that unfolded in the house last week.

It did the trick. Gayathri sort of became “friends” with Oviya after the latter broke down in tears for the first time in front of her. It actually surprised the viewers and many hoped Gayathri will stop ganging up against Oviya. There was a considerable change in Gayathri’s behaviour towards others, especially Oviya.

Gayathri and Oviya even started dancing together to the wake-up songs in the house. In the meantime, Raiza was getting close with Juliana. Together they discussed their shared disapproval of Oviya.

On Friday’s episode, Bigg Boss made Juliana the judge in a cooking competition and announced that the losing team members will be at the service of Juliana until further notice. Snehan, Oviya, Vaiyapuri and Ganesh were in one team while the other had Gayathri, Shakthi, Raiza and Arav. Juliana announced the latter team as the winner. And Juliana asked Oviya to roll the red carpet wherever she walked, Vaiyapuri to be her shadow, she named Snehan her cook and Ganesh her massage person.

It did not go down well with Oviya. She was already upset that Juliana and did not regret lying about her to the other housemates. And Juliana asking her to be her red carpet person ticked off Oviya. While Juliana still standing on the red carpet, Oviya aggressively pulled the carpet making her fall a couple of times. It was clearly intentional and Oviya made no secret about it.

Arav and Snehan convinced Oviya to do it as a task and try not to hurt Juliana. She said she had self-respect and she wants to leave the show. However, eventually, she agreed. And began doing her task as a red-carpet person in a harmless way.

Kamal did point out that what Oviya did was dangerous as Juliana could have ended up with a broken bone. Oviya agreed and apologised for her actions.

Kamal told the housemates that they could save one of the contestants among Oviya, Arav, Raiza, and Juliana from the Sunday’s elimination. The other five members choose to save Arav. And Kamal said he is saving Oviya and Raiza from the elimination. He teased Juliana a bit with eviction before letting her know that there was no elimination this time. Except for Juliana, none of the other housemates seemed happy about it.

Things got interesting when Kamal asked the housemates to imitate each other. First, they were told to pick a lottery and imitated the housemate in it, while the others guess the name of the contestant in question. Gayathri’s imitation of hers clearly irked Oviya. While the rest of the show went on smoothly.

In the second task, each housemate was given a t-shirt, which had pictures of other housemates embossed on it. They have to answer to Kamal’s question as the person on their t-shirt would normally do. Things got a little out of hand during this task.

Oviya became Raiza. And it was going smoothly until Oviya named Raiza’s boyfriend on camera. Raiza got really upset about it and fought with Oviya. She even began crying. Soon enough, Gayathri was seen taking Raiza’s side and telling her Oviya did what she did because she was insecure of Raiza’s “growing popularity” with the audience. And soon it was clear that Gayathri was back to square one with Oviya.

Kamal introduced the new contestant, Bindu Madhavi, who entered the house on Sunday. He told her not to discuss the reactions the contestants have been getting from the audience outside. Bindu Madhavi was given a warm welcome by the housemates. Interestingly, she shares a friendly relationship with Oviya. And she also knows Gayathri very well.

Bindu Madhavi has got an edge over other contestants as she knows Oviya has been the fan’s favourite. And the audience can hope she may not join the gang that despises Oviya.

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