Aayirathil Eruvar Review by Naveen

How much is ‘two’ much

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We know Saran as someone who gave hit movies for top heroes- ‘Kadhal Mannan’, ‘Amarkkalam’ and ‘Attagasam’ for Ajith, ‘Vasool Raja’ for Kamal Haasan, ‘Gemini’ for Vikram, ‘Parthen Rasithen’ for Prashanth and ‘Jay Jay’ for Madhavan.

And we know the same Saran as the director who dished out flop movies too- ‘Aasal’ with Ajith, ‘Modhi Vilayadu’ with Vinay, ‘Idhaya Thirudan’ with Jayam Ravi and ‘Vattaram’ with Arya.

Now the same filmmaker has come out with ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’, which has Vinay playing a dual role. The film can easily falls into the list of his flop shows, as the whole product looks and sounds old, and also confuses the viewer.

The story: Sevathakaalai and Senthattikaalai (both Vinay) are twins and they vow to finish off each other while they are inside in their mother’s womb itself.

As they grow up, one leaves for Hyderabad and becomes a hawala operator, while the other becomes a thief and stays in his hometown itself.

In the meantime, there is a young woman Bhumika (Swasthika) whose father Beemaraju (Pradeep Rawat) has saved the Swiss bank account number of his politician boss as tattoo in her body. And there are two other heroines too (Samuthrika and Kesha Khambhati).

Beemaraju and Arundhathi (Kajal Pasupathi), the mistress of the politician, are behind the account number, while there is another character that tries to take revenge on the Kaalais’ father

Also there is Mandhiramoorthy (Arul Doss), a faux-gangster, who is after Senthatti. What happens when all these characters come together?

There is nothing to talk much about performance, even that of Vinay. But there is some saving grace in the form of Aruldoss. Bharadwaj, as a good friend of Saran, has delivered dull music to a dull script.

While cinematography, editing and other technical departments are average, it is evident that Saran had tried to present something, but ended up giving something else. But we trust his abilities and expecting a good show from him, very soon.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen