Chinmayi sulks over govt

Singer Chinmayi Sripada has come out with a long post on Facebook, expressing displeasure over the government and the state of affairs.

Excerpt of her post: “I am sad I voted for this Government. This is not the politics of development, advancement and progress that I wished for. I voted for the promise of a corruption-free, red-tape free land. It sounded magical.
Something I was sick of for 8 years. I saw it all around me in my 20-s. I started believing being a good person will take me nowhere and only the corrupt and benamis will continue to make money while I slog and pay taxes.

I didn’t want the Congress back. I was sick and tired though I didn’t hate on Mr MMS – I was disappointed that a man as learned as him watched everything that happened under his nose. (I am not hating on the Gandhis either. I dislike name calling. All that. I guess I do need to repeat that I believe in dignified disagreement.)

But that is the system in our country. The head of a party will decide the head of the State. And if said Head disagrees with Party high command, the anti-defection law comes into effect. And Head shall be booted. After all their scams and loots I was sold on speeches, promises, a mirage of a ‘Gujarat Model’.

And because of that, I am not swayed by the sudden image overhaul, of Congress saying all the right things that the BJP fails to say. Of condemning errant behaviour and booting a veteran politician from their party is amazing no doubt, but I cant trust them.

IMHO Divya Spandana is perhaps solely responsible for this communication overhaul in the Congress recently. I am a staunch Hindu. But I am not insecure about my religion fading away into oblivion due to forced / voluntary conversions. I know and I see the insecurity all around me. Of India being perhaps the only nation with some Hindus left. “They ruined Nepal!!! There are no Hindus in Indonesia!!! They will come after us as wel!!!”

Why cant we live in a “Hindustan”? Why cant this be a ‘nation of Hindus’ while there are Islamic states and Christian states? Stories of how many people were ‘paid’ to be converted. The fueling of more and more insecurity. TBH, I myself saw a “Kristuva Braahmana Nala Sangam” board outside a church on ECR some 9 years ago. I didnt see it the next time I went there – say about a week later. That day

I realized choosing a different faith in this country doesn’t rid one of caste identities. Matrimonial sections in papers are still rampant with religion+caste. Converting doesn’t mean the evils of caste will go away from India.
I don’t believe in ‘Love Jihad’. I have been asked to convert on various occasions. My classmate in 5th standard told me to pray to Jesus if I wanted to pass Maths. I mean I would pray to anyone if I could pass maths :D”

The complete post and the reactions can be read at her Facebook page @ChinmayiSripada