Chennai 2 Singapore – Review by Naveen

Foreign fun

– Review

A lot was riding on ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ and promotions turned out to be innovative, promises made were tall. In a nutshell, an out and out fun-filled ride was assured by its makers.

Now that the film has hit the screens after much delay, has it lived up to its promises or not? Read on to find out.

Harish (Gokul Anand) wants to become a director. He comes in contact with a producer whom he trusts a lot. But his mother warns him, asking him not to trust the producer.

Her prediction becomes true, as the producer cheats Harish and goes ahead to make the film with another director. Harish, who is hurt and irked, attacks the producer and injures him.

To escape from the consequences, his friends ask him to go to Singapore. They also make arrangements for him to meet a producer there.

But fate has other plans for Harish, for the producer whom he intends to meet in Singapore meets with an accident and goes to coma.

Harish comes across cameraman Vaanambadi (Rajesh Balachandiran), who introduces him to a hotelier Michael Chris Muruganantham (Shiv Kesav). Harish is now given two weeks time to pen a romantic script.

In the meantime, he also meets a cancer patient Roshini (Anju Kurian). Is he able to complete the script in the given time? Does he achieve his mission of becoming a filmmaker?

Director Abbas Akabar has delivered a neat entertainer which tickles our funny bone too often. The promise has been delivered and yes, ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ is one fun-filled ride.

Gokul Anand is a right find and the actor, who reminds us of Vikram, delivers a solid performance. Anju Kurian (she resembles Nazriya Nazim) is good, while Rajesh Balachandran, Shiv Keshav and Emcee Jesz have come up with decent peformance.

Ghibran’s music is a huge pillar of strength for this flick, and his partnership with Abbas Akbar has worked wonders. Equally good is cinematography by Karthik Nallamuthu.

Though certain scenes lack pep and logic, ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ is a laugh riot which can be enjoyed from the beginning till the end.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen